Employees in professional, semi-professional and management civil service classifications may utilize working titles in accordance with this policy.


Approval of Working Title

The employing unit must submit the requested working title to Human Resources for review and approval.  Once approved, the working title can be utilized in the future for the same position.

Criteria for Approving Working Titles

Each working title request will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis to determine whether the working title is necessary to more accurately describe the work performed and/or for recruiting and retention purposes.

A working title will not be approved if it conflicts with another civil service classification.  In addition, a working title will not be approved if it is associated with an academic professional position within the same functional area.

Use of Working Titles

If a working title is approved by HR, the title may be utilized in job postings and advertisements, as long as the civil service classification appears as well.  Employees may use an approved working title on business cards, nameplates, signature lines, employee directory etc.

Employees are not authorized to utilize working titles unless approved by HR as set forth in this policy.

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