In compliance with Illinois Law, 110 ILCS 305/80, the use of search firms at the University of Illinois is limited to searches for the President of the University and when the President and Board of Trustees demonstrate a justifiable need. 

Accordingly, searches involving a search firm shall conform to one or more of the following criteria:

  • Search for the President of the University;
  • When the position is at a level of seniority that requires strict confidentiality in the initial stages and a level of interaction with potential candidates is required that current staff cannot appropriately provide;
  • When the position requires extensive recruiting and networking due to a highly competitive market, as well as to create a diverse candidate pool;
  • When the potential candidates are in a specialized function outside traditional areas of higher education.

All use of search firms requires prior approval by the Chancellor and the President .

To request authorization to use a search firm, please prepare the following information:

  • Division and Unit conducting the search
  • Title of position to be filled
  • Name of search firm requested
  • Detailed justification for requesting use of a search firm

Administrative Units proposing use of search firms should send requests as noted below:

  • To the Provost (for colleges and academic units) or to the relevant Vice Chancellor (for administrative units) for preliminary review and recommendation prior to submission to the Chancellor
  • The Provost or Vice Chancellor will email their recommendation with the information required above to the Chancellor
  • The Chancellor will review the recommendation and determine whether engaging a search firm is appropriate
  • If the recommendation is approved by the Chancellor, the Chancellor will notify the UIS Associate Chancellor for Access & Equal Opportunity,  and request approval from the President
  • If approved by the President, the President’s response will be sent to the Chancellor, copying the UIS Office of Access & Equal Opportunity, as well as University Administration’s  Equal Opportunity Office for record-keeping purposes
  • If approved, at the conclusion of the search (once all expenses have been accounted for), the College/Administrative Unit will provide the UIS Associate Chancellor for Access & Equal Opportunity the search firm contract and all related purchase orders detailing expenses.
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