This document establishes policy and provides procedural guidance on requests to use flag poles to display flags, pennants, banners or other items on University property by student organizations and groups.


Only requests from UIS recognized student organizations and groups shall be considered. Nothing prevents the University administration from using the flag poles for University purposes.


Displays will only be permitted on the Legacy Campus flag pole(s); poles in the teardrop are reserved for University use only. Displays can only be flown on one pole at a time.


A request to erect a display must be submitted to the Director of Student Life on forms provided by the Student Life Office. A true and accurate depiction of the proposed display must be submitted along with the request. Dimensions, weight and other specifications may be requested prior to approval in order to ensure the display will not damage University property or otherwise create a hazard. Displays must comply with all applicable federal and state laws and regulations, and university policies.

Once the request has been received it will be reviewed by the Director of Student Life, Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs. If approved, the form will be submitted to the University of Illinois Springfield Facilities Office to coordinate with the student group about the specifics of the display.


Supplying Displays. Student Groups and Organizations are responsible for erecting the display and removing the display on the designated date noted on the request form. Displays may not remain longer than thirty (30) calendar days. Early removal may be required if the display becomes damaged or has the potential to damage University property or create a hazard. Failure to remove the display by the date indicated on the approved form or as directed may result in removal of the display by the University and disposal of the display at the University’s discretion.

Approved by Chancellor’s Cabinet 2017-4-4 for effective date 2017-4-4

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