The UIS Policy on Space Allocation has been established to ensure the most effective and efficient use of physical space on campus including interior spaces and other campus property. Space is defined as all space leased or owned by the state of Illinois and maintained by UIS, including space occupied by campus units and departments and affiliated organizations.

The Policy is administered by the Space Allocation Committee (SAC). The SAC is advisory to the Chancellor and will provide recommendations to the Chancellor as to the reassignment of spaces that may be vacated as the result of new building construction, renovation or other developments/events.

The Space Allocation Committee will:

  • Identify and publicly catalog available space as defined above.
  • Receive and review all requests for the long-term assignment of space. (This does not include the assignment of classrooms and meeting spaces on a semester-long or short-term basis.)
  • Assure space allocation recommendations are consistent with the University’s strategic priorities and goals.
  • Following review, make recommendations to the Chancellor for the long-term assignment of space.
  • Review and revise existing and develop (as needed) new space-allocation policies.


  • Associate Provost for Budget & Administrative Planning (Chair)
  • Provost designee
  • Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs designee
  • Director of Facilities & Services (or designee)
  • Campus Senate representative (as designated by Senate Executive Committee)
  • Director of Facilities Operations
  • Chief of Police (or designee)


The Space Allocation Committee will meet on a monthly basis to review submitted requests* for space allocation and develop recommendations to the Chancellor. Such recommendations will be forwarded to the Chancellor following each meeting.

Space Allocation web page and request form

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