1. Whenever possible, students are encouraged to schedule their exams with accommodations to be taken under the direct supervision of their instructors or their department. If not possible, students may take their exam at the UIS Office of Disability Services (ODS).
  2. Exams (including extended time) must be scheduled to fit within the ODS hours of operations.
  3. Exams taken at the ODS must be scheduled at least ONE WEEK (7 days) in advance! Midterms and Finals must be scheduled TWO WEEKS IN ADVANCE. 
  4. If student does not complete ‘Alternative Testing Form’ and turn it in within 7 days before exam or quiz, the accommodation may not be provided.
  5. All exams must be scheduled in person or via e-mail to your disability specialist.
  6. Exams must be scheduled to be taken at the same time as the regular classroom exams. Exceptions, such as evening exams or when time accommodations extend into another class period, must be arranged with your instructor and the ODS on a case by case basis.
  7. After an exam is scheduled with the ODS, your disability specialist will contact the instructor and make arrangements to receive the exam. After the test is taken, the ODS will deliver it to the instructor’s department office unless another delivery option is determined.
  8. Students are required to mark all accommodations needed for the exam that they qualify for on the ‘Alternatve Testing Format’ form. If the student does not select a specific accommodation, the ODS will assume that the student is choosing not to utilize the accommodation.
  9. The exam time begins at the time scheduled; the exam will be terminated at the completion of the approved extended time accommodation. Any variance or adjustment to this must be approved by the ODS and the instructor.