This document provides information about the current practice and process for submitting appointments to the Board of Trustees for approval. As provided in the University Statutes, certain appointments require direct approval by the Board, on recommendation by the President; other appointments do not require Board approval but are then reported to the Board in the “Secretary’s Report.” (Once approved by the Board, such appointments may be effective the day following the Board meeting at which approval is given). This document will update pursuant to any approved revision of the University Statutes and/or General Rules on applicable provisions. For additional information or questions regarding appointments, please contact the appropriate campus Office and/or the Board of Trustees Office.

Following are four groups of appointments that require presentation to the Board via an agenda item, whether individually or as part of a group of appointments:

A. High ranking administrative positions requiring individual board item: Board approval is required prior to the effective date of the appointment via an individual Board Agenda Item for the following positions:

  1. President - permanent, acting, or interim
  2. Vice President - permanent, acting, or interim
  3. VP/Chancellor or Vice Chancellor (includes Provost/VCAA) - permanent, acting, or interim
  4. Dean - permanent, acting, or interim
  5. Director of Intercollegiate Athletics - permanent, acting, or interim
  6. Intercollegiate Athletics multi-year contracts for Head Varsity Coaches of Football; Men’s Basketball at Chicago and Urbana; Women’s Basketball at Urbana: a. A new (first-time) multi-year agreement b. Renewal of a pre-existing multi-year agreement that has expired c. Major change to an existing multi-year agreement
  7. Chief Executive Officer of the Hospital
  8. University Officers in addition to those mentioned above

B. Administrative positions submitted via group spreadsheet: Board approval is required prior to the effective date of the following appointments via group spreadsheet. Except where noted, positions listed in this section (B) that include the title modifier “acting” or “interim” do not require prior Board approval.

  1. Associate or Assistant Vice President (Note that prior Board approval is required for appointment in these positions, including instances where the acting or interim title modifier is present.)
  2. Associate, Deputy Associate, or Assistant Chancellor
  3. Vice Provost, Associate or Assistant Provost
  4. Regional Dean
  5. Department Head or Chair
  6. Director or Executive Director of a unit reporting to a Dean or higher level administrator
  7. Executive Director for Enrollment Management
  8. Executive Director of Labor and Employee Relations, University Administration
  9. Chief Information Officer
  10. Chief of Campus Police
  11. Healthcare System administrative staff, reporting to CEO of the Healthcare System
  12. Chief of Service, U of I Hospital and Clinics

C. Faculty appointments & promotions submitted via group spreadsheet: Board approval is required prior to the effective date of the following faculty appointments via group spreadsheet:

  1. Tenure-Track faculty and those on probationary “Q” appointments.
  2. Faculty newly hired with indefinite tenure.
  3. Promotions in faculty rank or granting of tenure at current rank.

D. Other multi-year coach contracts submitted via group spreadsheet: Board approval is required for all Intercollegiate Athletics coaches’ multi-year contracts and multi-year contract adjustments for Intercollegiate Athletics coaches other than those listed under A6 above.

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