According to University Statute, Article IX, Section 5.a.: No person employed on a full- time basis on the instructional or administrative staffs of the University shall be assigned any other university work which does not naturally come with the scope of that person’s duties and for which additional compensation is to be paid without the prior approval of the chancellor/vice president. Further, Section 5.c. states: Full- time employees shall not receive compensation for services with the University in excess of a normal schedule except for a reasonable amount of instruction in continuing education and public service programs or for the grading of special examinations (outside regular course work) stipulated by the University, all to be done at a time that does not conflict with other university duties. Exceptions may be made to this rule in special cases which are approved the dean of the college of which the employee is a member provided that if such additional payments exceed a nominal amount the advance approval of the chancellor/vice president shall be secured. These exceptions shall be held to a minimum.

In support of the University of Illinois Statutes, the following campus guidelines on compensation for service in excess of 100% to faculty, academic professional staff and exempt civil service staff should be followed. Failure to meet these guidelines may result in a denial of submitted payments to the employee.

  • Prior written approval is required for the service being performed.
  • No overcompensation payments can be made without this written approval.
  • Requests cannot be made on a regular basis; payment must only be for irregular, temporary service. If on-going payments for the service are sought, the unit might want to consider redefining the job description with appropriate changes to the duties and compensation.
  • Overload teaching for full-time faculty is included in this policy. Faculty Personnel Policy, Article 9, Section 3(i).
  • The services performed must be clearly outside the scope of the regular position and should not be confused with “other duties as assigned.” Teaching by administrative staff who hold a faculty appointment is considered within the scope of their normal duties.
  • Service time cannot interfere with the normal full-time position.
  • Adjunct teaching by academic professionals and exempt civil service staff is included in this policy.
  • Full-time academic professionals and exempt civil service staff may not teach more than one class per semester. Any classes taught during normal business hours (8:00AM to 5:00PM) by an AP or CS will require the staff member to submit an alternative work schedule with his/her Request for Compensation of Service in Excess of 100 Percent. Limited exceptions for academic professionals and exempt civil service staff will be made for classes taught during normal business hours.

All such payments must be approved by deans and department heads. In the event that a unit wants to hire a current employee in another unit and college, both departments and both colleges need to approve the service in excess of 100% prior to the service being provided.

Provost approval is needed for:

  • Compensation over an amount equal to ½ of a faculty member’s 9/9, 10/10 or 12/12 one-month salary.
  • Compensation to Academic Professional or exempt Civil Service staff for teaching more than one class or for stipends/payments over $2,000.

A form to request approval for service in excess of 100% is available to report this payment: REQUEST FOR COMPENSATION OF SERVICE IN EXCESS OF 100 PERCENT. A separate form must be completed for each overload assignment.

Questions concerning this policy should be directed to Academic Human Resources (206.6616)