I. Policy Information

Policy Title: UIS Library Policy
Policy Owner: UIS Library User Services Department
Responsible Official: Program Coordinator Patron Services
Approved by: UIS Library Leadership Team
Targeted Review Date:
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II. Scope

This policy applies to requests for electronic course reserves from UIS faculty and staff. Electronic course reserves materials may include: eBooks, journal articles, chapters from a book, charts/graphics, and more. Electronic course reserves materials are sourced both from within and beyond the UIS library collection. Some materials will require additional copyright permissions. Some materials may not be available as electronic course reserves, depending on copyright and access.

III. Definitions

Electronic course reserves: Reserves are supplemental materials and resources that instructors have identified for use in a specific course. Reserves processed by UIS library are made available as accessible, electronic resources linked to Canvas. Reserves include a variety of materials, as further detailed in the policy below.
Consecutive Semesters: Semesters which occur directly before or after one another, regardless of any breaks in the academic calendar.
Copyright Permission: Legal consent required from a copyright owner when materials are outside of public domain or whose use falls outside fair use. For more information on copyright, please see UIS library’s copyright guide.
Fair Use: This legal doctrine allows for limited use of copyrighted materials for nonprofit educational purposes. This is often used when copyright permission cannot be obtained or when use exceeds copyright guidelines. For more information on fair use, please see UIS library’s copyright guide.
Accessible: Able to be accessed by all users, regardless of ability. In the case of electronic course reserves, UIS library works with the Center for Online Learning, Research and Service to ensure that materials are able to be “read” by assistive technology, or, if needed, provide alternative formats.

IV. Purpose

The purpose of the Policy is to outline UIS library’s definition, process of approval, and implementation of electronic course reserves.

V. Background

In line with our mission to support discovery and passionate scholarship, we provide supplemental course materials in electronic format. Providing electronic course reserves ensures that all students are able to obtain accessible supplemental course materials. This service also supports instructors in their efforts to source, obtain permission for, and deliver supplemental course materials.

VI Statement of Policy

Electronic course reserves are meant to be supplementary class materials used for a limited amount of time. Electronic course reserves can only be provided for a maximum of two consecutive semesters. Requests for reserves must be made a minimum of two weeks in advance of the needed date using the course reserves form.


The library adheres to the Copyright Compliance in the Use of Library Materials and the materials placed on reserve must meet the requirements of this policy and of U.S. Copyright Law.

Procuring copyright permissions is a multi-step, variable process which can extend the time needed to prepare these resources for Canvas.

If we are unable to procure copyright permissions, there are some situations in which we are able to make claims of Fair Use. The use of these materials must then fall within the definition of Fair Use and the instructor will be required to sign a Fair Use Agreement.

Eligible Materials

Electronic course reserves requests are not guaranteed. Our ability to provide these reserves depends on many factors including sourcing materials and procuring copyright permissions. Eligible materials for electronic course reserves, includes:

  • Book chapters or small excerpts from a books
  • Journal Articles
  • eBooks not including scanned physical books
  • A short story, essay, or short poem
  • A chart, graph, diagram, drawing, cartoon, or picture from a book, periodical or newspaper
  • Streaming Video (digitized materials or items on streaming platforms provided by the Library)

Materials which are not eligible for electronic course reserves include:

  • “Consumable” materials like worksheets, test booklets, and other items which are consumed or depleted through their use
  • Any unauthorized reproductions or otherwise unlawfully acquired materials


Reserve requests must be submitted a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the date the material is needed for use to help ensure timely access.

Electronic course reserves must be requested through our electronic course reserves form. For more information about what can be requested, see our Eligible Materials section.

For media which needs converted from physical to electronic format (whether UIS library-owned or personal copies), please instead submit a streaming media request form.


Once electronic course reserves have been requested, processed, and made accessible, they will be manually added to the associated Canvas course.

If electronic course reserves are not able to be sourced, whether for reasons of copyright, availability, or cost, instructors will be notified as early as possible.

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