During the COVID-19 pandemic, the library will have very limited operations.  In order to ensure access to materials, we will only be processing electronic reserves at this time. 

Physical Reserves consisting of print materials and Online Reserves consisting of digital materials can be placed on reserve for use by your students.

Physical items are housed behind the Library Main Desk (2nd Floor Brookens) for students to checkout with their iCard. The loan periods for these items are Library Use Only, 3 Day Loan, or 7 Day Loan. 

Although personal copies are allowed on reserve, the library's policy is to attempt to purchase needed materials and use the acquired library copy for course reserves.  It is strongly recommended that personal copies be limited to library use only.  

Online Reserves include items such as journal articles, ebooks, or digitally scanned book chapters; these will be linked and made accessible through your Canvas Course Site.

General Guidelines

  • The library adheres to the Copyright Compliance in the Use of Library Materials and the materials placed on reserve must meet the requirements of this policy and of U.S. Copyright Law.
  • Any legally obtained materials may be placed on reserve.  This includes all items within the library collection (print and electronic) and personal copies, as well as journal articles or book chapters obtained via Interlibrary Loan.  Books obtained from I-Share may not be placed on reserve.
  • Items may be placed on course reserve for no more than two consecutive semesters.  In the case of students with an incomplete grade the instructor must notify the circulation staff to extend access to those needed course materials.
  • At the end of the semester, all material on electronic reserve will be removed unless it does not fall under copyright restrictions or permission has been granted by the publisher.

Materials Guidelines 

Materials which may be placed on reserve without obtaining copyright permission:

  • Exams
  • Lecture notes
  • Government Publications

Portions of materials that may be photocopied/scanned and placed on electronic reserves:

  • A chapter from a book
  • An article from a periodical or newspaper
  • A short story, essay, or short poem
  • A chart, graph, diagram, drawing, cartoon, or picture from a book, periodical or newspaper

Materials that may not be photocopied/scanned and placed on reserves:

  • Pages from works intended to be "consumable" in course of study or teaching. These include workbooks, exercises, standardized tests, test booklets and answer sheets.
  • An entire book, whether in-print or out-of-print (electronic reserves only)

Copyright permission is needed:

  • When a journal article, book chapter or a portion of a work is on reserve for more than two consecutive semesters.
  • When multiple articles from one issue of a journal are needed for the same course. 

When multiple chapters from a book are needed for the same course. 

Responsible Unit