The University recognizes that efforts to retain Academic Professional and Civil Service staff, providing exemplary service, who have received a job offer outside of University of Illinois Springfield may be warranted in limited situations as described by this policy. The University also recognizes that there are financial limits to its ability to make counteroffers and must be aware of the impact that such offers can cause in the salary structure on campus. Supervisors may request, subject to Division Head (Chancellor, Provost, Vice-Chancellor) approval, to make a counteroffer consistent with this policy.

Statement of Policy

Counteroffers shall only be considered if the following factors are met: 

  • Employee has received a verifiable offer for a position outside of the University of Illinois Springfield; and
  • Employee is exhibiting exemplary performance as noted in their annual performance evaluations; and
  • The unit must have funds available for the proposed increase.


All counteroffers must be approved through the normal approval channels for hiring and salary adjustments. The amount of the counteroffer shall not exceed 10% of the employee's current salary and must be within the established salary range for the Civil Service classification, if applicable. Requests to make a counteroffer above 10% must be reviewed and approved by the Strategic Staffing Committee.

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