The Office of Disability Services (ODS) at the University of Illinois, Springfield provides academic accommodations for students registered in the office who have provided the appropriate documentation to support the academic accommodations requested.   We serve students who register with our office by providing them with resources on campus for their academic success.   We are also interested in the safety of our students on campus.

Having a disability may make it difficult for students to evacuate safely on campus; therefore, the ODS has initiated this plan to assist students to know what to do in an emergency and how to evacuate the buildings on campus in case of a fire, tornado or other situations that be harmful to our campus.   Having a plan and efficient implementation of it, may mean the difference between life and death for all on our campus.   We know that the responsibility for having a plan includes police, personnel for emergency rescues in the community and also the ODS and students with disabilities.

All students who register with ODS will meet individually with their disability specialist at the beginning of each semester. Upon their first visit they will be given our EEP along with other important information. The EEP will be discussed with the student so that they have an understanding of the plan and what they will need to do in case of an emergency situation.

  • It will be the disability specialist’s responsibility to determine, based on medical documentation if a student may need UIS police assistance in case of emergency to alert the police department to provide them with the student’s name and class schedule that they know will need assistance in case of an emergency.   The police will then be on alert if an emergency occurs as to the location of these students and will provide assistance. The student will be asked to alert the professor in their class that they may need assistance if an emergency occurs.
  • The student will be given information from the campus Disaster Plan Reference under Fire #5, 6, 7 provides information regarding students with disabilities.
  • Students will be asked by the disability specialist to check out the location of their new classrooms and identify important areas such as stairwell locations.
  • The Buddy System is in effect; which means ask a friend or classmate if they will assist you in time of emergency.
  • The disability specialist will work with their students individually to ensure they have a plan including location and access to the professor, or buddy.
  • RAVE app may be downloaded on your device click here
  •  After the disability specialist has completed the briefing regarding the EEP, the student will be asked to sign a form acknowledging that they understand and agree with the EEP and their responsibility to for safety.

General UIS safety measures in case of fire or an emergency evacuation

  • Do not use the elevators
  • Go to the stairwell on your floor and remain there until help arrives
  • Call campus police 217-206-7777 or 911