Camerata Music Scholarship Fund Operational Procedures

Camerata Music Scholarship Funds (Appropriated through Institutional Supported Scholarships) proposed changes effective Fall 2024 for all students. Changes to existing policy are in bold below.

These changes (effective Fall 2024) are being made based on the Financial Aid leveraging consultant’s recommendation to further expand our financial dollars to as many undergraduate students as possible.

We remain committed to working with Advancement to assist with trying to match donors to the UIS Music Program to further fund additional donor scholarships for students who are interested in the music program.

  1. Students may only have one admission merit scholarship, and may not stack any admission merit scholarship/discount awards or full-tuition waivers, including:
    • CAP Honors Scholarship
    • Camerata Scholarship
    • UIS First Year Scholarship (Lincoln and/or Star Scholars)
    • Memorial Health Pre-Nursing Scholarship
    • Transfer Merit Scholarship
    • Presidential Award Program (PAP)
    • Full-tuition waivers, such as Child of Veterans, Illinois National Guard, Illinois Veterans or Employee tuition waivers
  2. Program should utilize the seven (7) endowed music scholarships worth over $16,000 (donor-funded) to supplement the scholarship offerings and attract and retain more students. Students will be encouraged to apply for the donor-funded scholarships.
  3. If a student decides to leave the music program at some point, they would revert back to any original admission scholarship that was offered, such as the Lincoln scholarship.
  4. If a student transfers out or withdraws from the program after scholarship funds have been distributed, no alternate students will be accepted.
  5. Camerata Scholarship awards funded through institutional scholarship amounts will be capped at $8000 per year per student and mirror the top awards for the Honors program.
  6. Up to four (4) Camerata Scholarships ($8,000 each per year and renewable for four years) can be awarded to incoming undergraduate students each fall semester. If there are withdrawals from the program in the previous academic year, additional scholarships may be awarded to maintain the total number of sixteen (16) awardees across four years in the program.
  7. UIS pre-nursing students will not be eligible for the Camerata, as the students will become UIC students their third and fourth years.  Any currently awarded Pre-Nursing student will keep the Camerata Scholarship until they transition to UIC.
  8. Camerata scholarships will be considered as part of the Prairie Promise, for students who are eligible for the Prairie Promise Program.
  9. The Music Program and Financial Aid will work collaboratively in the selection process. All scholarship offers will be awarded through the Office of Financial Assistance to ensure consistency among all admission merit scholarships.

These proposed changes will allow UIS to offer generous and attractive music scholarships to talented student musicians, while helping the university spend institutional scholarship dollars strategically and effectively to increase the yield and retention of all students. The Operational Procedures for Camerata Scholarships will be reviewed annually by faulty, dean, provost, and enrollment management leadership.

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