Blake Wood
Publish Date

The University of Illinois Springfield is announcing its lineup of future-oriented summer courses for 2024. UIS is offering more than 250 courses starting June 3 for students who want to learn on campus or online.

“These classes are a great tool for current UIS students and students from any college or university who needs a course or two to continue their education over the summer,” said Vickie Cook, UIS vice chancellor for enrollment and retention management. “Reduced fees this year make it more affordable than ever to work toward your goals.”

Many of the courses being offered this summer address emerging trends showcasing UIS' commitment to providing innovative education:

  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (CSC 479): Covers problem-solving methods, data representation, state-space search strategies, game-playing programs, knowledge representation, logic, theorem proving, question answering systems and natural language processing.
  • Business Process Modeling and IT Governance (MIS 567): Teaches methodologies for redesigning business processes and related IT support. Topics include business process modeling, simulation, analysis, redesign, workflow automation and enterprise governance of IT.
  • Cloud Security (CSC 570): Focuses on security concerns and countermeasures in cloud computing. Covers access control, identity management and data security. Background in cloud computing technology required.
  • Introduction to 5G, IoT, and Cloud (CSC 470): Explores 5G wireless systems, Internet of Things (IoT), and cloud computing. Topics include 5G characteristics, IoT architecture, networking, data analytics and cloud/fog/edge computing.
  • Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (EXR 352): Covers health promotion, disease prevention, mortality, morbidity, epidemiological terminology, behavioral and environmental contributions to illness, injury and risk reduction strategies.
  • Healthcare System Analysis and Design (HCI 552): Introduces theoretical and practical techniques in healthcare information systems analysis and design. Covers Electronic Health Record (EHR) analysis, design and modeling.
  • Public Service Ethics and Leadership (PAD 538): Examines ethical issues in public service, emphasizing legitimate administrative discretion for public value leadership.

Registration for summer courses at UIS is now open. For more information and to register, visit the summer classes website.