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WHAT: The University of Illinois Springfield’s Sangamon Experience will host a panel discussion titled “Echoes of Change: Central Illinois Journalism and Social Justice in the 1980s.” Co-sponsored by NPR Illinois, the event will explore the impact of local journalism during this transformative era.

WHEN: 6 p.m. Wednesday, July 24

WHERE: UIS Student Union Ballroom, 2251 Richard Wright Drive, Springfield

DETAILS:  The discussion will explore the role played by journalists in central Illinois as they reported on significant events, including the Illinois Human Rights Law (1979), Equal Rights Amendment rally (1982), urban renewal (1983), the desegregation of local government in Springfield (1987) and the creation of the Central Illinois Gay Lesbian Task Force.

“Echoes of Change” revisits the stories and struggles of central Illinois in the 1980s, honoring the legacy of local journalism. The program highlights the ongoing relevance of journalism in today's world, amidst shifting media landscapes and evolving challenges, emphasizing the essential role of journalists in safeguarding democracy and promoting social change.

Panelists include Mary Bohlen, journalist and UIS associate professor emerita of communication; Fletcher Farrar, editor of the Illinois Times; Ann Anderson Mustard, former WCIA-TV reporter who covered the Illinois State Capitol; Larry Golden, professor emeritus of political studies and legal studies and founding director of the Illinois Innocence Project at UIS; and Frank McNeil, former Springfield alderman and plaintiff in the 1987 lawsuit that changed the city’s commission form of government.

This event is free and open to the public; however, online registration is required.

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