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UIS is committed to protecting minors that visit campus so they can enjoy the wonderful events and programs our community offers. For departments that want to offer programs to minors, our Protection of Minors page has detailed information on planning and hosting an event for young visitors.

To ensure the safety of minors while involved in university activities, no adult may be part of any event where they would be in close contact with minors who are not enrolled as university students, without first submitting to and passing a criminal background and sex offender registry check unless such checks have been performed within the past two years and are on file with Human Resources. Pre-event procedures can be found on our website.

After ensuring proper adherence to the planning checklist, the department must submit an event form to Jé Greer in HR for approval, along with any needed background check requests.

Please plan on submitting the event form and relevant background check requests to Human Resources at least 30 days prior to the event. Failure to comply with this may result in certain personnel being unable to participate in the event or the event being cancelled due to insufficient time to complete background checks.

We encourage anyone who plans on hosting an event with minors as participants to familiarize themselves with this 5-minute video, Protection of Minors on Campus, covering the basics of Protection of Minors procedures and ANCRA reporting.

Please contact Jé Greer in Human Resources,, if you have any questions.