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The University of Illinois Springfield Assistant Professor of Computer Science Xiang Huang and Associate Professor of Math Science Liang Kong have been awarded a highly competitive grant from the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Science (DOE-SC). The grant, totaling $400,000 over a span of two years, is a recognition of their groundbreaking work in the realm of scientific computing.

Huang has been designated as the principal investigator for the project titled "Towards A Hierarchy of Real Numbers Computable by Chemical Reaction Networks." He will collaborate with Kong, a co-principal investigator, and Andrei Migunov from Drake University. The researchers plan to explore novel and impactful avenues in the field of theoretical computer science.

“The Department of Energy grant awarded to Drs. Huang and Kong is a clear recognition of their exceptional expertise and competence, and it demonstrates the rising capabilities of our College of Health, Science and Technology. This achievement underscores not only Drs. Huang and Kong's pivotal roles but also the college's commitment to propelling research that pushes boundaries and translates into tangible real-world advancements,” said Travis Bland, interim dean of the UIS College of Health, Science and Technology.

Despite being in the early stages of his career, Huang has already contributed significantly to the academic community. His research, published in esteemed journals and presented at top-tier conferences, showcases his creativity and dedication to advancing the theoretical aspects of computer science. He also enjoys allowing undergraduate students to participate in his research.

“I anticipate that this award will allow us to provide funded research opportunities to our students,” Huang said. “Dr. Kong and I are committed to working closely with math and computer science majors at UIS, guiding them to explore exciting, challenging and rewarding projects funded by the grant. Together, we'll embark on a journey of discovery and growth. And this is just the beginning.”

The prestigious grant not only underscores the quality of Huang's work but also positions UIS alongside distinguished institutions such as Stanford, Columbia and UC Berkeley as recipients of this prestigious DOE program. Notably, UIS is the sole primarily undergraduate institution (PUI) to receive this honor, highlighting the university's commitment to fostering exceptional research and nurturing exceptional researchers.

The official announcement of the grant can be found on the department’s website, with a complete list of awarded projects available here.

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