Adriana Piatti- Crocker, professor of Political Science and Director of Global Studies
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group picture of symposium attendees

The University of Illinois System through the Illinois Mexican and Mexican American Student Initiative (I-MMÁS) along with the University of Illinois, Springfield and the University of Colima, Mexico held a “Politics of Inclusion” symposium on November 17 (10A.M.-3:45 P.M.)  This important event had two main objectives: 1) To strengthen research collaborations with colleagues from Mexico on issues concerning the politics of inclusion in the Americas; and 2) To share, learn and discuss histories and strategies to serve better Mexican American and Mexican students and communities at University of Illinois Springfield and the University of Illinois System. Panelists included Dr. Adriana Piatti-Crocker and Dr. Hinda Seif (UIS), Dr. Damian Vergara Bracamontes and the keynote speaker Dr. Nidia Ruedas-Gracia (UIUC), Dr. Cristina Tapia-Muro and Dr. Karla Kral (UCOL, virtually), and Dr. Claudia Prado-Meza (UCOL), the important participation of the Diversity Center ( Justin Rose and Daniel Aguilar) and Cristian Leon-Vallejo, OLAS President, among others.  In the afternoon, we had breakout rooms with moderators that included Dr. Hypatia Bolivar, Dr. Isabelle Skinner, Patrick Anderson, and Daniel Aguilar, who made excellent contributions in helping gather information and explore strategies to make UIS and the University of Illinois system an inclusive institution for Latino/a/e students.  We appreciate the sponsor of this event, I-MMÁS, and in particular the support of Dr. Elvira De Mejia, I-MMÁS Founder & Director of Institutional Relations-Mexico, and Nancy Salinas Rios, who were key in making this day a historic event for UIS!