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Facilities & Services is working in collaboration with our campus partners to provide facility enhancements for select unit offices this academic year. The scheduled facility renovations and transitions will occur in phases, with a target of completing all project transformations by the conclusion of the fall semester.

These efforts are being implemented to efficiently use available space on campus and better centralize offices for student convenience and staff operations. Similarly, the outcomes from such transitions will provide the university with expanded opportunities to:

  • Improve classroom utilization
  • Offer experiential learning resources to students
  • Equip students and employees with innovative and integrated technology
  • Enhance security measures
  • Meet spaces requirements
  • Reduce utility costs
  • Generate additional revenue

These facility enhancements will collectively improve our on-campus experience and present the campus community with advanced accessibility, safety and resources.

Summer and Fall Transitions

Phase One - University Hall, Human Resources Building, and Brookens Library

University Hall (UHB)

UHB 1st Floor (Master Floor Plan)

What's changing?

  • iCard – Moved from SAB 30 to UHB 1004; installation of doors and frames, painting, and additional renovations (July); moving of furniture/equipment (July-September); full services in the new location resumed Fri., September 8
  • Military and Veteran Student Services – Moved from PAC to UHB 1002; renovations and moving of furniture/equipment (July-September); full services in the new location resumed Monday, September 25
  • University Bursar – Moves from PAC to UHB 1001; renovations and moving of furniture/equipment (June-November)

Photos of UHB Construction

Photos of the New iCard Center in UHB

Human Resources Building (HRB)

Current HRB Blueprint for HR and Counseling Center
New HRB Blueprint for Health Services and Counseling Center

What’s changing?

  • Career Development Center – Moves from SAB to HRB; moving of furniture/equipment; new carpet installation (July-October)
  • Office of Disability Services – Moves within HRB to HRB 109; moving of furniture/equipment (June-October)
  • Human Resources (Phase 1) – Moved within HRB to former Ethics and International Student Services office spaces in HRB; moving of furniture/equipment (June-October)
  • Ethics Office - Moved within HRB to HRB 18; moving of furniture/equipment (July)
  • Health Services and Counseling Center – Moves from BSB to former Labor Relations and Access & Equity office spaces in HRB; renovations and moving of furniture/equipment (June-September); new plumbing (July)

Photos of HRB Construction

Brookens Library (BRK)

Brookens 3rd Floor Master Plan - Math and Philosophy

What's changed?

  • Math and Philosophy – Moved from WUIS to Brookens 3rd Floor (July)
    • Room Selections for Faculty and Staff:
      • 388: Tung Nguyen
      • 389: Yifei Li
      • 390: Liang Kong
      • 391: Roxanne Kurtz
      • 392: John Barker
      • 377: Peter Boltuc
      • 377A: MAT/PHI Office
      • 377B: Hei-Chi Chan
      • 379: Advising
      • 384: Carol Saltsgaver
      • 385: Chuck Iwashita

Stay tuned for more details about upcoming facility improvements continuing this fall.