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Sriram Krishnan standing in front of a river at night with tall city buildings behind him
Sriram Krishnan
Senior Associate - Financial Crime Compliance

Current Location: Dallas, TX

UIS Degree: December 2017 graduated with a Master of Science in Computer Science

Current Position: Senior Associate - Financial Crime Compliance at Goldman Sachs

What was your overall UIS experience like?

UIS to me was not just a university that offered me the opportunity to study Computer Science. It essentially gave me a second chance in life , at a time when I was lacking confidence and belief in myself by providing me an entry into the United States.

Did you participate in any clubs or activities while attending UIS?

I was part of the History club at UIS and also worked as a volunteer research assistant under professor Janis Rose and executed a prototype project with Ms Rose and some undergrad students , to demonstrate high school teachers across Illinois the importance of personal information and how they can take steps to ensure their identity is protected.

What fond memories do you have of UIS?

Several fond memories. Recapalooza festival , tug of war in UIS spring fest , Halloween at Brokens Library. Other than that I have fond memories doing a summer course with professor Tony Waggoner on Advanced database. I mention this memory in specific because this essentially helped me shape my profession and I later on achieved success because my professors at UIs set me up for success. Failure was just not an option.

Why did you choose UIS?

UIS is part of the world class University of Illinois system who were particularly renowned for their computer science programs. The state of the art facilities and the highly qualified professors with proven track record was also a telling factor. Lastly , the town of Springfield , when I saw the image , sitting in my room somewhere in southern India back then , I was blown away by the nature and the beauty of Springfield and the beautiful UIS campus.

What has your career path been like?

My career path is a story for the underdogs. I will be honest. I was probably not the best academic student at the UIS. But I managed to redeem myself at the right time and graduated UIS. After that I was looking for jobs in the Bay Area, and found my first job in Jacksonville, Florida. From then on, I went on to work in Boston , Cincinnati, Jacksonville (again) and finally Dallas (Texas) for firms Santander Bank N.A , Tata consultancy services , Deutsche Bank and finally Goldman Sachs .

How did your UIS education prepare you for your career?

UIS education gave me the platform to believe in my abilities. The professors at UIS offered me a second chance when I was not delivering to the best of my abilities. You need second chances in life sometimes to make things right, and thank you to UIS. For giving us the platform, environment and the resources to set us up for success and making sure we stay hungry for more success.

What are some life lessons you'd like to share with current students?

Students do not stop believing in yourself and your abilities. There is always a way to solve problems. If I can do it , then you can do it too.