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Undergraduates will have the opportunity to take the learning online in the Spring semester and take the courses in history offered remotely. Dr. Barnwell will be teaching an online segment of her HIS 375, ECCE: Conflict in the Middle East. This course covers the history of several conflicts in the Middle East over the 20th century and makes connections between past events and current events in the Middle East. Students who have taken this course in the past have remarked “I thoroughly enjoyed this course and I have learned a lot about the topic. The layout of the course was great. I loved how I was engaged with the discussions. Applying the reading material in the discussions helped a lot with getting a thorough understanding of the subject” and  “This class has been the most work-intensive class I have taken at UIS, but without a doubt, the most rewarding.”

Dr. Kent's HIS 457 Women and Gender in the US South asks a range of fascinating questions: "How did region shape ideals of femininity in the early South? How were Southern conceptions of gender different from, and similar to, those found in other regions of the United States? How did issues of race and class shape diverse groups of women’s experiences in the U.S. South? How did Native American, Black, and white women’s lives and experiences differ from one another during these eras? How did different groups of women build (and challenge) racial, gender, and class hierarchies in U.S. Southern society? How did gender impact Native American Southerners’ experiences of displacement and assimilation in the U.S. South? How did gender impact enslaved women’s experiences of slavery, and their efforts to survive within and/or emancipate themselves from it? How did gender shape notions of whiteness and systems of white supremacy in the South?"

Students will have the opportunity to learn remotely and with the skills gained from two years of remote education, they will have some of the best online teachers available to them so that they can succeed in the realm of history. Online offerings include:

  • HIS 345 US Women's History, Dr. Kent
  • HIS 375 Conflict in the Middle East, Dr. Barnwell
  • HIS 441 The Civil War and Reconstruction, Dr. Burlingame
  • HIS 450 Abraham Lincoln, Dr. Burlingame
  • HIS 457 Women and Gender in the US South, 1607-1877. Dr. Kent

Online courses fill quickly, so don't hesitate to register!