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Samuel Oluwole
Samuel Oluwole
Master's in Management Information Systems

Hometown: Ògbómọ̀ṣọ́, Nigeria
Major: Management Information Systems
Future Plans: Work in a field of intelligent systems

Samuel Oluwole chose the University of Illinois Springfield in order to learn valuable information as part of his degree program. “I realized the need to understand how running a business intelligence system works especially in the application and being able to embed that knowledge into a real-life scenario,” he said.  Oluwole is the newly elected Student Government Association graduate senator and an intern for the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services Office of Contract Administration as part of the Graduate Public Service Internship Program. He has also lobbied for the Student Advocacy Coalition. When asked what he likes most about UIS he said the demeanor of UIS life. “It covers diversity and inclusion, student life, careers, internships, student organizations, and more. It’s unquantifiable,” he said. Following graduation from UIS, he plans on working in the field of intelligent systems. “I see myself solving real human problems… being a part of stakeholders that ensure smart ethical strategies are prioritized,” he said. 

Leadership is lived at UIS. Every Day.