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Ronin M. Clay
Ronin M. Clay
Technology Team Member/Digital Forensic Analyst, City of Chicago: Police Department
Doctor of Public Administration

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois 

Undergraduate Institution and Major: Western Illinois University, Board of Trustee Degree 

Graduate Institution and Major: DePaul University, Public Administration 

Bio: Ronin is a combat veteran with 14 years of military experience, serving in all three components of the Army. In the Army, he held positions as a Signal Support Systems Specialist and Human Resource Specialist Manager, gaining valuable skills in communication systems and personnel management. Alongside his military service, he has also dedicated over 10 years to law enforcement. 

During his tenure as a Law enforcement Officer, Ronin held various roles, including Tactical Team Member and Crisis Intervention Team Administrator/Instructor. In these roles, he actively engaged with the community, investigating community complaints and providing assistance to individuals in crisis. Ronin's commitment to community engagement and the well-being of the public has been a central aspect of his law enforcement career. 

Currently, Ronin serves as a Digital Forensic Analyst, assigned to support Violent Crime detectives. Leveraging his technological expertise and analytical skills, he plays a critical role in gathering intelligence on violent crime offenders. His work directly contributes to maintaining public safety and upholding the principles of justice in the State of Illinois. 

With his combined military and law enforcement background, Ronin brings a wealth of experience, discipline, and dedication to his pursuit of a public administration career. His commitment to serving and protecting others is evident in his extensive career, reflecting his passion for upholding the values of public service and making meaningful contributions to the well-being of his community. 

Relevant Professional Experience: U.S. Army Human Resource Specialist, State of Illinois Certified Police Officer, Crisis Intervention Administrator /Instructor. 

Research Interests: Impact of technology in public administration, citizens trust in public administration, and the effect of health care policies on elderly disabled veterans. 

Professional Affiliations: The American Society for Public Administration Greater Chicago Chapter, Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 7 

Volunteer Activities: Caps (Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy) Events