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Rebekah Grosboll
Rebekah Grosboll, DPA
Online Program Coordinator, UIS Legal Studies & Political Science
Doctor of Public Administration

Dissertation: “Participation in Online Student Orientation: Effects on Perception of Social Presence, Perceived Online Learning Self-Efficacy, and Use of Self-Regulated Learning Strategies”

Bio: Rebekah Grosboll is a member of the 2011 cohort. She has worked in higher education for the past 14 years, and has experience in online education, program evaluation, and designing professional development trainings and seminars. Her research interests include programmatic approaches to online learning, creating constructivist learning environments, and program evaluation.

Degrees: M.A. in Political Studies, University of Illinois at Springfield; M.A. in Communications, University of Illinois at Springfield; B.A. in Political Studies and Legal Studies w/ Minor in History, University of Illinois at Springfield