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New Intercession Course Offering, Dr. Brandon Derman

During the new Winter Intersession term between Fall and Spring semesters, nine students from ENS and other programs enrolled in Dr. Derman’s Topics in Environmental Studies course “Understanding Struggles for Climate Justice.” The course examined the ways in which climate change is increasingly being understood as an issue of intergenerational, racial, and global justice, building on Derman’s longstanding research interests, explored in his new book. After examining the uneven impacts of climate change, and some pathbreaking institutional and popular mobilizations for “climate justice” at international, national, and region levels, each student prepared a paper, story map, or TED talk-style presentation analyzing an effort or theme related to climate (in)justice of their own choosing. Among other topics, students examined the legacy of radicalized housing segregation in the US, climate impacts facing Midwest farmers, and sea level rise in populated areas around the globe. Stay tuned for future offerings of this course and other ENS intersession options as UIS works to increase credit-earning opportunities between our regular terms!