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Dear Faculty and Staff —

Forty proposals were received for the UIS Strategic Investment Fund (SIF) with fifteen for curriculum revitalization; sixteen for laboratory improvements; five for marketing tasks; and four for new academic programs.  The number of proposals submitted is clear testimony to the faculty’s realization that continuous improvement is essential to University life. The 40 proposals total slightly more than $6,000,000 requested with a limit of $1,250,000 funds available for the first SIF year.  After consultations with the University Planning and Budget Committee, the respective deans, and CFO Arnold Henning, I will make SIF recommendations to the Chancellor around May 1, 2023. My recommendations for funded proposals will be shared with colleagues.

Further, I have been learning about colleagues recommended by respective committees and deans for promotion and or tenure. I am impressed with the quality of the individuals recommended and am gratified to learn about the faculty’s depth.  It is both refreshing and impressive.

Continued learning occurs daily about the fiscal situation facing this University.  While there may be questions about allocation decisions within the Illinois system, I have increasing and similar concerns about effective teaching, student retention, advising, and the assessment of student learning outcomes across campus. Regardless of any fiscal reality which may be troublesome, what happens to students enrolled here is central to their success and our continuation. Nothing replaces a challenging yet stable environment in classes where genuine learning occurs and, thus, effective teaching and assessment must be at the core of what we accomplish daily.

Among the meetings that occurred this week were: The Strategic Staffing Committee; the University Planning and Budget Committee; the Personnel Policies Committee; the Campus Senate; and various other meetings with colleagues. The recommendations also from the UPI 4100 have been received regarding the faculty salary compression study and are being considered.


Thank you,


Linda M. Delene, PhD

Interim Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (VCAA) and Provost

University of Illinois Springfield

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