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Dear Faculty and Staff —

The Faculty Honors Reception was the impressive activity this week—where we honored colleagues who have been recommended for tenure and promotion in faculty rank this year; and recipients of the Faculty Excellence, Oakley, Pearson, Spencer, Adjunct of the Year, Early Career Scholarship, Diversity and Inclusion, Faculty Engagement, Outstanding Teacher, and Scholarly Impact Awards, as well as colleagues awarded sabbaticals during the 2023-24 academic year. Both the Chancellor and I commended all award recipients on their distinguished accomplishments—all of which constantly advance both student learning and the stature of faculty at UIS.

The Chancellor’s Cabinet discussed the three scheduled sessions scheduled with Kevin Jones (two sessions on April 24 and one session on April 28 with reservations required due to space limitations) in response to recent student events, and as part of our Belonging, Dignity, and Justice efforts on campus. Jones may also provide similar consultation for UIS next fall.

Other meetings this week involved tasks with the College Deans; forthcoming resolutions from the Campus Senate; meeting candidates for the deanship of CLASS; and various personnel issues. Work continues on drafting an international remote work policy as well as material which could be included in a developing chairs/head/director’s workshop to support their necessary skills for administrative tasks.

A gratitude luncheon was held on Wednesday to acknowledge the scholarship assistance provided for our nursing students by Memorial Health Systems. Conversations with the scholarship recipients were thoughtful and reminiscent of earlier decisions about service to others via different career pathways that do occur, often without prior planning.

The University Planning and Budget Committee met again this week and finalized its SIF recommendations to CFO Arnold Henning. We will meet next week to finalize our joint SIF recommendations to Chancellor Gooch by Friday, April 28.

The Campus Senate met Friday with Chancellor Gooch providing an overview of organizational changes to some committees in terms of membership and tasks. Further, the Senate completed its review and passage of five resolutions with some discussion.

Thank you,


Linda M. Delene, PhD

Interim Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (VCAA) and Provost

University of Illinois Springfield


UHB Room 2002

3:00 to 5:00 p.m. Thursday, April 27, 2023

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