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Dear Faculty and Staff —

Multiple consultations were held regarding the Huron Consultants’ report and the Union’s recommendations on that report. The final recommendations from Academic Affairs have been made to the Chancellor, and she will announce the University’s approach to salary adjustments to faculty on Monday.

This afternoon, I will meet with members of the Union to discuss the University’s final decision.

Attention was also focused on proposals received for the strategic investment funds (SIF). Again, consultations are being held to discuss the various proposals and their potential impact on students, programs, and faculty colleagues alike. The quality of the proposals is high and thus the competition for the limited SIF funds is formidable.

It is with considerable regret that we have received three provost’s staff retirement letters – one from Natalie Taylor (21 plus years), who manages faculty appointments and policy administration; another from Laura Dorman, who has been the Director of Institutional Research for UIS (employed here since 1994); and the third from Linda Schneider, who has provided administrative support in this office for 7 years. Both Schneider’s and Taylor’s retirements are effective May 1 with Dorman’s effective August. 1. This trio has served the university with distinction in quite different roles and will be greatly missed. Details will be forthcoming regarding their retirement festivities, yet for now, we wish the three well and continued good health. I am personally grateful for their fidelity to the varied tasks which have facilitated our work over many years with sound knowledge and faithful service.

We also are having many visitors to campus – students and their families seeking opportunities for matriculation as well as candidates for the Dean’s position in two of the four colleges and for three vice chancellors (student affairs, finance and administration, and academic affairs). With Spring in the air and this ongoing cadre of visitors, we all help present the University in positive and courteous dimensions so can see increased stability and solid growth. Welcome to all!

Final tenure and promotion reviews are also close to conclusion. I expect to send my recommendations to the Chancellor within the prescribed deadline, i.e., by March 23.

Thank you,


Linda M. Delene, PhD

Interim Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (VCAA) and Provost

University of Illinois Springfield


PAC 5A (Provost's Office Conference Room)

2:30 to 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 28, 2023

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