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Keeley Boynton

Hometown: Milford, Michigan
Major: Pre-Nursing
Future Plans: Work as Nurse

Keeley Boynton chose the University of Illinois Springfield because of the nursing program
through the University of Illinois Chicago. Boynton was admitted into the UIC Nursing program
through the Guaranteed Admittance Program upon attending UIS freshman year. While
obtaining her nursing degree from UIC, Boynton is able to experience the campus life and
environment of UIS. Boynton works as a desk attendant for Student Life. When asked what she
likes most about UIS she said the small campus. “A big campus with more people than you can
remember the faces of seems intimidating, so it’s nice to always see familiar faces around,” she
said. Following graduation from the UIC Nursing Program at UIS, she plans to work as a nurse
in a hospital.

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