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Due to the changes yesterday as a result of the cybersecurity incident, connecting to the VPN now requires 2FA. The login screen askes for a 2nd password. 

VPN Website Logon Screen

The 2nd Password field is for two-factor authentication (2FA). In this field you will type the option below that aligns with how you authenticate with Duo Mobile for 2FA. 

Type the word in bold in the 2nd Password field for how you would like to authenticate with 2FA.

Push - This option will send a push request to the Duo Mobile App on your mobile device. 

SMS - This option will send a text message to your primary phone number that receives text messages. 

Phone - This option will initiate a phone call to complete your login attempt.

If you had a hardware token, enter the code on the token screen.  

For more information on installing and connecting to the VPN, please see

If you have any questions, please reach out to ITS Client Services at or 217/206-6000. 

Information Technology Services

University of Illinois Springfield

(217) 206-6000