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IIPF Staff and Affiliated Faculty Presentations at the 2019 Association for Budgeting and Financial Management Conference

UIS and the IIPF had a strong presence at the 2019 Association for Budgeting and Financial Management National Conference in Washington DC, September 26-27. UIS faculty, staff, and students were involved with 11 papers or presentations at the conference (IIPF staff and affiliated faculty highlighted). These presentations are available on the Academic Papers and Presentations page.

Arwiphawee Srithongrung: Does State Infrastructure Spending Attract Business Relocation?

Arwiphawee Srithongrung: Using Performance Measurement to Inform Budget Allocation: The Case of Illinois

Elham Buxton, Kenneth A. Kriz, Matthew Cremeens, and Kim Jay: Applying Deep Learning to Medium-and Long-Term Revenue Forecasting

Can Chen, Kenneth A. Kriz, and Shuanglin Lin: Strategic Interaction in Urban Infrastructure Finance: A Spatial Econometric Analysis of Chinese Prefecture-Level Cities

David Merriman and Kenneth A. Kriz: Public Revenue Estimation in an Academic Setting under Significant Time and Institutional Constraints: An Illinois Experience

Tima T. Moldogaziev, Mikhail Ivonchyk, and Kenneth A. Kriz: Patron’s Largess and Fiscal Governance: Regional Debt in the Russian Federation

Beverly Bunch: Roundtable: Are the States Ready for the Next Recession?

Beverly Bunch, Patricia Byrnes, and Glenn Cassidy: Local Police and Fire Pension Funding Challenges in Illinois

Richard Funderburg, Joshua Drucker, David Merriman, and Rachel Weber: Is Tax Competition Strategic? Spatial Distributions of Business Property Tax Abatements in the Chicago Suburbs

Jinping Sun, Thomas D. Lynch, and Robert W. Smith: Presenting a Holistic Budget Format: A New Systems Perspective