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31 bachelor’s degrees, 20 master’s degrees, 1 doctoral program. Online majors: 1,681.

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  • UIS Reaching Stellar Campaign Video

    UIS Reaching Stellar Campaign Video

  • Leadership lived: Garrett Nimmo

    Leadership lived: Garrett Nimmo

  • Leadership lived: Jasmin Lisowski

    Leadership lived: Jasmin Lisowski

  • Leadership lived: Bhanu Sheetal Muthyala

    Leadership lived: Bhanu Sheetal Muthyala

  • Leadership lived: Kaelan Smith

    Leadership lived: Kaelan Smith

  • Leadership lived: Edwin Robles

    Leadership lived: Edwin Robles

Longest Running Student-Led Event: International Festival

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Leadership lived feature

Leadership lived

Ashley Osuma loves to share the knowledge she’s gained from her four years on campus with incoming freshmen. Osuma is a peer mentor for the Summer Bridge Program, a two-week on-campus living-learning experience for first-year students who need additional academic support and college preparation. Read more »

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Eugenio “Gene” Fernandez

Eugenio “Gene” Fernandez

UIS Degrees: M.S. 2007 (Management Information Systems)

Current Position: Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare

Bryant Hitchings

Bryant Hitchings

UIS Degrees: B.A. 2006 (Legal Studies)

Current Position: Montgomery County State’s Attorney

Terri Miller

Terri Miller

UIS Degrees: M.P.A. 2017 (Public Administration), Certificate in Community Planning

Current Position: University of Illinois Extension Director, Unit 16

A.D. Carson

A.D. Carson

UIS Degrees: M.P.A. 2008 (Public Administration)

Current Position: Assistant Professor of Hip-Hop, University of Virginia

Research at UIS

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Our Promise To You

Abundant opportunities to spearhead initiatives and lead campus organizations

Passionate Teaching

Teaching-focused Academic Experience

Collaborative Opportunities

An Abundance of Opportunities to Collaborate

Diverse Community

A Right-sized, Supportive Community

Engaged Citizenship

A Tradition of Educating Public Servants and Leaders

Student Union

Focal point of campus and student life


From the Source

“My most positive UIS memories involve meeting and working with so many different people,” says Alicia. “I’ve learned a lot and developed expertise in social media marketing – a field I’d like to pursue as a profession.”

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