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  • UIS Study Abroad Snapchat Takeover - Justice Green

    UIS Study Abroad Snapchat Takeover - Justice Green

  • UIS Faculty Snapchat Takeover: Megan Styles

    UIS Faculty Snapchat Takeover: Megan Styles

  • Leadership lived: Christopher Vemagiri Marbaniang

    Leadership lived: Christopher Vemagiri Marbaniang

  • Leadership lived: Jake Seidel

    Leadership lived: Jake Seidel

  • UIS Scholarship Luncheon 2017

    UIS Scholarship Luncheon 2017

  • UIS Halloween Tricks & Treats

    UIS Halloween Tricks & Treats

Beautiful Campus: UIS Sculptures

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Leadership lived feature

Leadership lived

Melissa Van is getting a jumpstart on her future career at the University of Illinois Springfield where she helps promote student events on campus as the marketing chair for the Student Activities Committee and the Asian Student Organization. Van is also the vice president of the UIS Community Garden Club and a Capital Scholars Honors Program peer… Read more »

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Courtney Shelley

Courtney Shelley

UIS Degrees: B.A. 2011 (Legal Studies)

Current Position: Associate Attorney at the Law Firm of Dempsey & Dempsey, P.C.

Jayson Coble

Jayson Coble

UIS Degrees: B.S. 2001 (Chemistry)

Current Position: Emergency Medicine Physician Assistant at St John's Hospital; Lieutenant Colonel, Aviation Medicine Physician Assistant, and the State Clinical Training Officer with the Illinois Army National Guard; part-time pediatric Physician Assistant at Lincoln Prairie Behavioral Health Center

Nabih Elhajj

Nabih Elhajj

UIS Degrees: M.P.A. 2012 (Public Administration)

Current Position: IT Business Analyst at Horace Mann Educator Corporation, lead facilitator for the Sangamon CEO program, entrepreneur and freelance consultant on startup and customer service strategy

Enzo Campagnolo

Enzo Campagnolo

UIS Degrees: M.P.H. 1997 (Public Health)

Current Position: CDC Assignee to the Pennsylvania Department of Health/Acting State Public Health Veterinarian

Research at UIS

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Abundant opportunities to spearhead initiatives and lead campus organizations

Passionate Teaching

Teaching-focused Academic Experience

Collaborative Opportunities

An Abundance of Opportunities to Collaborate

Diverse Community

A Right-sized, Supportive Community

Engaged Citizenship

A Tradition of Educating Public Servants and Leaders

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Focal point of campus and student life


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"I’d been concerned for some time about our outdated assistive listening system,” says Bob.

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