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31 bachelor’s degrees, 20 master’s degrees, 1 doctoral program. Online majors: 1,665.

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  • Leadership lived: Kaelan Smith

    Leadership lived: Kaelan Smith

  • Leadership lived: Edwin Robles

    Leadership lived: Edwin Robles

  • Leadership lived: Garrad Straube

    Leadership lived: Garrad Straube

  • UIS Service-A-Thon 2017

    UIS Service-A-Thon 2017

  • UIS Student Union Tour - August 2017

    UIS Student Union Tour - August 2017

  • UIS Freshman Move-In Day 2017

    UIS Freshman Move-In Day 2017

Favorite Tradition: Springfest

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Leadership lived feature

Leadership lived

As a student manager at Brookens Library, Andrew Koontz makes sure that patrons find the resources they need. He also trains new student workers and is responsible for special projects. Koontz has worked at the library for the past year and a half and worked his way up to the student manager position. It’s the first time he’s ever held… Read more »

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Baccalaureate degrees conferred


Graduating class for whom an outcomes destination is known


Working full-time or part-time


Continuing education at national or regional university

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Eugenio “Gene” Fernandez

Eugenio “Gene” Fernandez

UIS Degrees: M.S. 2007 (Management Information Systems)

Current Position: Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare

Bryant Hitchings

Bryant Hitchings

UIS Degrees: B.A. 2006 (Legal Studies)

Current Position: Montgomery County State’s Attorney

Terri Miller

Terri Miller

UIS Degrees: M.P.A. 2017 (Public Administration), Certificate in Community Planning

Current Position: University of Illinois Extension Director, Unit 16

A.D. Carson

A.D. Carson

UIS Degrees: M.P.A. 2008 (Public Administration)

Current Position: Assistant Professor of Hip-Hop, University of Virginia

Research at UIS

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Our Promise To You

Abundant opportunities to spearhead initiatives and lead campus organizations

Passionate Teaching

Teaching-focused Academic Experience

Collaborative Opportunities

An Abundance of Opportunities to Collaborate

Diverse Community

A Right-sized, Supportive Community

Engaged Citizenship

A Tradition of Educating Public Servants and Leaders

Student Union

Focal point of campus and student life


From the Source

“With school, work and parenting obligations, there’s a lot of responsibility and financial challenges,” says Ashti, “but I always feel like I have been determined and persistent… and I love the psychology department.”

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