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University of Illinois Springfield

UIS Feature: My UIS Life

UIS chemistry major Ashley Bowers thought she was going to be a doctor, but she just completed an internship at the Argonne National Laboratory, and saw what the life of a scientist is like. She’s intrigued, and considering a new career path in science research. In the meantime, she’s back on campus volunteering, studying, and shaping her UIS life.

UIS Feature: Best Foot Forward

Jessy Harish, UIS graduate student in computer science, walks through the annual Foot in the Door Career Fair. Over a hundred businesses were on campus, offering a variety of employment and volunteer opportunities. The event is open to the community as well as students.

UIS Feature: Neuroimaging

Sheryl Reminger is an Associate Professor of Psychology at UIS with specialties in clinical neuropsychology, neuroimaging, and neurological effects of cancer treatment. In her research, she uses magnetic resonance imaging to detect possible changes in brain structure that may be related to cancer treatments.

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Leadership lived: Kylie GilmoreMusic has always been a part of Kylie Gilmores life. At the University of Illinois Springfield, shes a member of the choir and a Camerata Scholarship recipient. The $10,000 performance scholarship is for non-music majors and is renewable for 4 years. Gilmore, a business administration major,...Featured Video: Leadership lived: Kylie GilmoreUIS supports Downtown Springfield!The University of Illinois Springfield (UIS) shows its community pride for Downtown Springfield, Illinois.Featured Video: UIS supports Downtown Springfield!

Leadership lived

Brittany Carls

The University of Illinois Springfield has opened many doors for Business Administration major Brittany Carls. She’s the treasurer of the Student Government Association, co-director of the Leadership for Life service organization, treasurer for the Kids at Heart student organization, and a mentor for the Capital Scholars Honors Program at UIS. Read more »