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Greetings! Here are some important updates and announcements from the UIS Office of Human Resources: 

Holiday Celebrations

While there will be no campus-wide holiday party this year, departments are encouraged to individually celebrate the season and recognize the hard work and commitment of UIS employees. We look forward to celebrating with everyone in May at the 2nd Annual End of the Academic Year Party.  Details forthcoming this spring.

Holiday Cookie Decorating in the Student Union on December 14

On December 14 from 11-1 pm, all UIS employees are invited to decorate cookies in the Student Union to celebrate the holiday season and the end of a successful semester! Quantities are limited to the first 100 participants, so make sure to arrive early and get your sweet treat! Cookies will also be available for those with dietary restrictions.

Gift Days

As a reminder, President Killeen is granting gift days on December 23, 29 and 30, 2022 to all employees that are leave-benefit-eligible.  The full Holiday Schedule can be found on the Human Resources website.  On gift days, employees who are normally scheduled to work will be excused with full pay at the employee’s regular rate of pay.  As a reminder, please see the list of Earnings Codes to use for Time Reporting on a Gift Day, Holiday, or Designated Holiday

Employees who have been determined to be essential are required to work their regular schedule during these days.  Essential staff, or employees who work in services of a continuing nature, which in the judgment of the unit head cannot be suspended, will be paid at their regular rates, and will be given time off with pay equivalent to their hours worked, at another time on or before June 30, 2023. Supervisors or unit heads shall advise each employee of the alternative schedule to be followed. 

For employees who anticipate resigning from the University at the end of the year, CMS benefit coverage will continue through December 31, 2022, if December 30, 2022 (Gift Day) would have otherwise been the last day of work.  Employees are not required to report to work for any part of the day on December 30, 2022, unless they are designated as essential staff.  In addition, retiring employees will not be required to report to work on the gift day if retiring at the end of the year, unless they are designated as essential staff. 

For additional guidance applicable to Civil Service staff, please refer to the following University Policies and Rules: 

Minimum Wage Compression Plan Year 2

Year 2 salary increases for employees eligible to participate in the Minimum Wage Compression Increases are scheduled to take effect January 1, 2023.  More information on the plan can be found on the HR website.  Pay increases for employees in bargaining units will be determined by negotiations with the bargaining representative and/or applicable contract settlements, and are not subject to unilateral adjustments unless authorized or permitted pursuant to the collective bargaining process.

The Office of Human Resources wishes you all the best this holiday season!