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Hagen Sanchez

Congratulations to Hagen Sanchez, the MAT Marshal in 2023!

In 2020, Hagen moved to Central Illinois from Arkansas, where he graduated valedictorian from the Baptist Preparatory School at Little Rock. He graduated from UIS in three years with a perfect 4.0 GPA. He was awarded the UIS President’s Award (2020-2023) and the Lincoln Scholar Award (2020-2023). In addition, Hagen made the Dean’s List every semester!

Hagen is also an accomplished student-athlete. He is the captain of the UIS Men’s Golf team (2022-2023) and has competed in the previous three years. He led the UIS Men’s Golf team to the 2022 Conference Championship. In his senior year, Hagen received the Chancellor’s Academic Honors, which recognizes graduating student-athletes with excellent academic performance. 

Hagen was very active in service. From 2021-2023, he was a member of the UIS Student Athlete Advisory Committee, a governance arm representing student-athlete interests. During AY 2022-2023, Hagen served on the Post Tenure Review Committee as a student representative. 

During this past summer, Hagen was at his home state Arkansas, working as a Market Optimization Analyst Intern at Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corporation (AECC). This was the second summer he worked at AECC in the same internship position.

Hagen is embarking on a new and exciting chapter in his educational journey. He is pursuing a Master’s degree in Statistics at the University of South Carolina, where he is awarded a teaching assistantship. Congratulations, Hagen!

(Dr. Hei-Chi Chan, MAT/PHI,, September 6, 2023) 

Keywords: UIS Mathematical Sciences Department, UIS MAT Marshal, UIS Men’s Golf team, student-athletes 

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