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Francisco Lopez Zavala
Francisco Lopez Zavala
Political Science and Global Studies

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Majors: Political Science and Global Studies
Future Plans: Earn a master’s degree in political science

Francisco Lopez Zavala chose the University of Illinois Springfield for the political science program and generous financial aid opportunities. On campus, he serves as chancellor of the Political Understanding and Activist Club and head delegate for Model Illinois Government. He is a member of the Sigma Lambda Beta fraternity and works as a resident assistant (RA) for Larkspur Court and as an RA liaison for the Resident Housing Association. “I like the organizations on campus and the students I have met the most,” he said. “Many wonderful students get engaged with the clubs on campus, from all different backgrounds and majors.” Following graduation, he plans to pursue a master’s degree in political science or possibly work in Chicago politics helping candidates with their campaigns.

Leadership is lived at UIS. Every day.