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Dear Campus Community,

The UIS Police Department would like to remind everyone of the Emergency Notification System test occurring on Tuesday, November 7 at 10 a.m. This test is being conducted at the same time as the Sangamon County monthly siren tests to minimize operational disruptions. You will hear the UIS announcement over campus PA systems, see the announcements on various digital media, and if you have signed up for Rave Alerts, you will receive a text message. We will include a 2-4 question survey link in the text message and e-mail for this year’s test; please take a brief moment to provide your feedback to help us identify any needed areas of improvement.

As a reminder, in the event of an actual emergency, you can find safety tips on how to respond to emergency situations on the UIS Police webpage on disaster plans.

UIS Police Department
Phone: (217)206-6690
Emergency: (217)206-7777
TTY: (217)206-7510