Courtney Hicks
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Book cover for The Formation of the UAE

The Formation of the UAE: State Building and Arab Nationalism in the Middle East, written by UIS’ Dr. Kristi Barnwell, was released on April 4th, 2024! This work builds on seminal scholars in the fields of Middle East, Gulf and British Empire, integrating the historiography of these three fields to provide new and important insights into the transformation of the States to the United Arab Emirates over the first half of the twentieth century. Dr. Barnwell demonstrates that the ruling sheikhs of the Gulf Arab rulers in the Gulf strove to create their new state with close ties to Great Britain, which provided technical, military and administrative assistance to the emirates, while also publicly embracing the popular ideologies of anti-imperialism and Arab socialism that were still dominating the political discourse in the Arab world. In the process, she situates the Emirates' modern history in the broader narratives of the history of the Middle East.

Order your copy of The Formation of the UAE today--and ask your library to buy a copy, too. Congrats, Dr. Barnwell!