Publish Date

The Fall 2022 edition of The CPAE Journal has now been released.

In this newsletter you will read about:

  • The leadership of the newly reorganized College of Public Affairs and Education
  • An introduction to the School of Communication & Media by Dr. Ann Strahle, Associate Professor and SCM Director
  • How Coalition Politics Shape Foreign Policy in Europe” by Dr. Sibel Oktay, Associate Professor in the School of Politics and International Affairs and a 22/23 Jefferson Fellow with the U.S. Department of State
  • The future direction of the School of Education by Beth Hatt, SOE Director
  • The Lost Promise of Prisoner’s Unions”, by Dr. Amanda Hughett in the Department of Legal Studies
  • An overview of our new faculty and staff
  • Updates on our student, alumni, and faculty accomplishments

We hope that you enjoy our Fall 2022 Journal!


Dr. Robert W. Smith


College of Public Affairs and Education