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The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs is eager to assist you in your research endeavors by providing support in finding potential collaborators. To this end, we have introduced a program titled "Building Research Partnerships at UIS and Beyond". The objective of this program is to foster connections between UIS faculty and external researchers working on similar projects. Therefore, we encourage you to consider this program as a valuable resource in your pursuit of successful research outcomes. 

Are you interested in finding a collaborator? Would you like to know who else is working on topics related to your research?

If your answer is YES, then…

Please propose a research topic, and our office will:

  1. locate potential internal and external collaborators.
  2. organize an event with those collaborators.
  3. facilitate any future work with your collaborators.
  4. locate grants in the topic you are working on with your collaborator.

Examples of research topics include Climate Change, Social Justice, Applied Artificial Intelligence, etc. 

Please send your proposed research topic to Lucía Vázquez ( by November 6, 2023. After receiving your research topic, she will get in touch with you to arrange a meeting with potential collaborators to discuss further.

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