Trung Pham
Publish Date

Government contracts and audit fees

Government contracts have recently attracted much attention from researchers and the public because of the US government's significant spending on goods and services. In this study, we investigate whether audit fees are associated with audit clients' government contracts. We find that firms with a higher proportion of government sales to total sales pay higher audit fees than other firms. Our further analysis shows the audit premium is driven mainly by the federal government and local government contracts. We also show that local government contracts have a larger effect than federal government contracts on the determination of audit fees. Taken together, our findings enhance our understanding of a potential determinant of audit fees and imply that auditors may view firms with and without government contracts differently.

Publications in Peer Reviewed Journals

Pham, T., H. Xu, and M. Dao. 2023. Government Contracts and Audit Fees. International Journal of auditing 27 (1): 1-23.