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Part I: Introduction

This includes any building or property that is:

1.  owned or controlled by UIS for your department's use;
2.  in direct support of, or in relation to, UIS educational purposes;
3.  is frequently used by students; and
4.  outside the same reasonably contiguous geographic area of the campus.

Do not include locations that you have program agreements with to send students, unless your department is given control of a specific physical space.

What does this mean?

Controlled by means that UIS (or an institution-associated entity) directly or indirectly rents, leases or has some other type of written agreement (including an informal one, such as a letter or an e-mail) for use of a building or property, or a portion of a building or property.  Even if there is no payment involved in the transaction, for Clery purposes, a written agreement for the use of space gives UIS control of that space for the period specified in the agreement.

Institution-associated entity is an institution-associated foundation, holding company, subsidiary, alumni association, athletic booster club, or any other institution-associated entity that owns or controls a building or property that is operated in support of, or in relation to, UIS's education purposes.

Reasonably contiguous geographic area is considered locations within one mile of the UIS main campus.

Program agreements refer to agreements to send students to an off-campus site for internships, externships, clinical training or student teaching, and that agreement is for the program rather than for use of the physical space.  For example, if you have a written agreement to send students to a privately owned hospital for clinical training, but you don't have a written agreement for use of the hospital or any space within the hospital.  However, if you rent classroom space for your students within the same hospital, that classroom space is considered to be controlled by UIS.

Part II: General Information

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Part III: Property Information
Location of property
Is there a written agreement to use this property/space?
Is this property/space frequently used by students?

Frequently used by students means students go to this property at least once a semester for recurring classes, recurring field trips, internships, student jobs, or other regularly scheduled use.
Is there an organized program of study offered at this property?

Organized program of study means that the location offers courses in educational programs leading to a degree, certificate, or other recognized credential.
Is there an administrative person on site?

Administrative person on site encompasses a variety of individuals, employed by UIS, who may have some responsibility for the activities that take place at the location.  For example a director, a building coordinator, a registrar, or a secretary.  It is not necessary for administrative personnel to be on site at all times.