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UIS or Registered Student Organization Sponsored Overnight Student Travel

If the UIS/department makes the arrangements and has the agreement with the lodging location the trip is considered school-sponsored.

Overnight, school-sponsored trips:  If the UIS/department or registered student organization sponsors student(s) on an overnight trip, for example to see a play in Chicago, and the department rents hotel rooms.

Short-stay "away" trips:  If the UIS/department or registered student organization sponsors short-stay "away" trips of more than one night for its students, all locations used during the trip, controlled by the institution during the trip, and used to support educational purposes should be registered.  An example is a three-week marine biology study trip to Florida.  Any classroom or housing space specified in the agreement between the institution and a third-party providing space is reportable.

Third-party contractor:  If the UIS/department has entered into a written agreement with a third-party contractor to arrange housing and/or classroom space for a school-sponsored trip or study program (either domestic or foreign), it is assumed that the contractor is acting on behalf of the school as the school's agent, putting the institution in control of this space.

Study abroad programs:  If your department sends students to study abroad at locations of facilities that the UIS/department/third-party contractor rents or leases for your students in a hotel or student housing facility, you are in control of that space for the time period covered by the agreement.

If students make the arrangements and chooses the hotel it is NOT a school-sponsored trip.

No agreement:  If the UIS/department (or contracted third-party) does NOT have an agreement for the space used, your department does not control the space and are not required to count it.

For example, there are some situations, such as sports tournaments, for which the host institution makes all of the housing arrangements for the visiting students.  In these situations, the visiting institutions do not have a written agreement for the use of the space and are not required to report for the housing in which their students are located.

Another example, students travel with a UIS sponsored trip.  During the trip, students meet with the professor at a local cafe for an hour each week for a lecture.  There is no written agreement to use the cafe space (the location was chosen by the professor out of a matter of convenience), therefore, the cafe is NOT a reportable location.

Field Trips:  You are NOT required to register non-overnight field trips to locations the UIS/department does not own or control.

Host family situations do not normally qualify as reportable locations unless your written agreement with the family gives the UIS/department significant control over space in the family home.

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Any faculty, staff, or volunteer who lead the trip or travel along and have responsibility for (expected to take action on behalf of UIS if required) students during the trip are considered Campus Security Authorities.  This person/s should also be entered into the CSA web-form on the Clery Liaison website.

Your group may have more than one campus security authority (CSA) on the trip.  If this is the case, please fill out a CSA form for each responsible employee.  Only one emergency contact is necessary so UIS may contact you in the event of a timely warning.

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If students will be staying at a different location that needs to be reported during this same trip, please submit this form and complete another overnight student travel form.