Presenter Joe F. Bozeman III

There has been renewed interest toward progressing the cause of justice and equity in recent years. However, producing tangible results in this regard is especially challenging without an effective strategy and a firm conceptual foundation. Dr. Joe F. Bozeman III, Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Georgia Tech, will provide key concepts and tools to help address this gap. Specifically, he will explain the Systemic Equity Framework (i.e., addressing the resource, policy, and cultural needs of the systematically marginalized over a long period), how it can be applied in civil and environmental engineering research for transdisciplinary effect (e.g., food-energy-water, life cycle assessment, and public policy applications), and provide tips on how to be courageously vulnerable to realize equitable outcomes.

Dr. Bozeman is an industrial ecologist committed to fostering equitable climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies. His current work focuses on the sociodemographic impacts of the food-energy-water nexus, equity applications in energy and environmental systems, and urban carbon management strategies. Dr. Bozeman specializes in developing novel approaches, datasets, and policy proposals using core methodologies such as life cycle assessment, scenario analysis, and survey administration. He spent over a decade in the public and private sectors as an energy and environmental practitioner before joining Georgia Tech as an Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering. As his courtesy appointment in the School of Public Policy suggests, Dr. Bozeman’s research involves cross-disciplinary collaboration. He has previously published award-winning content with psychology and economic experts, with public health experts, and intends to continue addressing the complex and ‘wicked’ challenges of our time in this manner.

Co-Sponsored by the UIS School of Integrated Science, Sustainability and Public Health; UIS Green Fee Committee; UIS Sustainability Committee.

Brookens Auditorium
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