Shipra Gupta

Fast fashion poses major social and environmental challenges, including poor labor conditions, the overuse of resources, and the generation of waste to create throw-away clothing. Dr. Gupta, the 2023 UIS University Scholar, will draw on her research to explain why some consumers are drawn to fast fashion and how the industry encourages overconsumption. Some consumers approach clothing acquisition from a style orientation, choosing distinctive clothing tailored to their sense of self. Others display a fashion orientation, driven by speed, change, artificial newness, obsolescence, and disposable trends. Her talk will lead us to reflect on our own behaviors and how we can make more responsible choices. Her research suggests that fixing the problem of fast fashion will require the collective effort of different actors, especially government, in creating a fashion system that is more sustainable for the environment, consumers, and society.

Shipra Gupta is an Associate Professor of Marketing at the University of Illinois Springfield. She holds a PhD in Marketing from the University of Nebraska.  Dr. Gupta’s work focuses on 1) understanding the psychological behavior of consumers in a retail setting, 2) examining issues of sustainability, specifically in the fashion industry and 3) examining the role of gender in constructing identity. Her research has been published in top-tier journals and has also been cited in reports and influential media outlets. For her work, Dr. Gupta has won numerous awards, grants, and recognitions. Her recent recognitions include 2023 University Scholar award, which is considered the University of Illinois System's highest faculty honor, recognizing outstanding teaching and scholarship. She also received a 2020-2021 University of Illinois Public Voices Fellowship.

Co-sponsored by the UIS Sustainability Committee & World Affairs Council of Central Illinois

Brookens Auditorium
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