UIS embraces diversity in all its forms as both an intellectual commitment and social responsibility, and it fosters an inclusive culture that recognizes the needs and contributions of every individual.


The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Certificate Program provides a robust experience for employees to engage in meaningful discussions, activities, curriculum, and projects to promote and support DEI.   

The UIS Coalition Builders (an affiliate of the National Coalition Building Institute) is a leadership training organization that works to eliminate prejudice and conflict.

This annual award recognizes faculty leadership, accomplishments, and excellence in professional activities that contribute to the institutional mission of increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion, counteracting inequality and inopportunity, and contributing to struggles for inclusion of minority, marginalized, and/or historically under-represented groups. Nominations are due Feb. 1, 2022.

The goal of this program with Springfield School District 186 is to increase the number of diverse teachers in District 186 classrooms. The program aims to have at least 24 paraprofessionals enrolled in the pipeline at UIS by 2024, with a special focus on diversifying the teacher workforce with teachers of color and first-generation college students.

The UIS Performing Arts Center offers an Artist-in-Residency program that provides an opportunity for a selected artist to serve as an activist to readily advance a specific project that can help to raise underrepresented voices in the performing arts. 

The Engaged Citizenship Common Experience (ECCE) Speaker Series Program is part of UIS’ distinctive ECCE curriculum that offers a program of courses for undergraduates. This curriculum is designed to foster the understandings of diversity, citizenship, issues of common concern and an active interest in making a difference in the world. The annual series strives to introduce the public and students to diverse perspectives.  

The UIS Star Map, launched in August 2019, is a curriculum developed by the Division of Student Affairs to help guide the learning that students receive in and outside of the classroom. As a result of their experience at UIS, students will become leaders who understand the importance of cultivating inclusive communities.

Faculty Compression and Equity Study

In the fall of 2022, UIS hired Huron Consulting Group to conduct a compression and equity study for all In the fall of 2022, UIS hired Huron Consulting Group to conduct a compression and equity study for all tenure/tenure track faculty positions. This comprehensive study is intended to identify salary compression issues within each of the three faculty ranks: Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Professor. The study will also identify whether any salary gaps exist that can be attributed to race, sex or gender identity. It is expected that the study will be concluded early in the Spring 2023 semester.

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