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Information Technology Services
Assistant Director Enterprise Applications
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One University Plaza MS HSB 110
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Asst. Dir. of Application Development and DB Support (ADDS) at UIS - providing leadership and support for both custom and commercial applications used by the educational community.

After graduating with Bachelor degrees in both Computer Science and Management, I started my career with AT&T Bell Labs (which later became Lucent Technologies). I worked on a number of different projects from landline and switches to tool automation development. I also earned my MS in Computer Science from Illinois Institute of Technology.

Later I joined ADM Research where I helped introduce and then head up the application development and DB support team.

Since joining the University of Illinois at Springfield, I've continued to enjoy driving out inefficiencies and optimizing business processes, notably:

   CDM -  : Pulls and aggregates data from several sources (primarily Banner/EDW) for standardizing the application access scheme.

   SSW -  : Automatically transitions the data viewing window from one semester to another based upon the current date.

   DART - : Using roles defined in TEAM, along with the DB data dictionary, provides a view of who has access to what data elements.

   TEAM - : A distributed role based application access management system, that can also manage taxonomies.

  Email Theming - Integrated with TEAM, allows for per application customization of email themes, or usage of a default one.

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