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Daniel Platt is a scholar of law, political economy, and political culture. Raised in the Chicago area, he earned his PhD in American Studies at Brown University in 2018 and was a postdoctoral fellow at the University at Buffalo School of Law before joining the faculty at UIS in 2020. His first book, The Price of Misfortune (2023), examined struggles over debtors' rights in the late nineteenth century. His current research deals with religion and the prison abolition movement in the late twentieth century.



The Price of Misfortune: Rights and Wrongs in Indebted America (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2023).


“The Domestication of Credit,” History of the Present 9 (Fall 2019): 142-165.

“The Natures of Capital: Jewish Difference and the Decline of American Usury Law, 1910-1925,” Journal of American History 104 (March 2018): 863-878.

“An Icon Adrift: The Modern Library in the 1990s,” Book History 15 (2012): 183-208.


LES 202           Introduction to the American Legal System

LES 422           Religion and Politics

LES 451           Law, Film, and Popular Culture

LES 456           Capitalism and the Law

LES 463           Labor Law

LES 502           Introduction to Graduate Legal Studies

LES 512           Theories of Justice