Greetings Colleagues,

I write to you to share two pieces of information that may help you determine your future professional plans as an academic unit leader.  The first topic I wish to present are the roles and responsibilities you will be expected to perform during Academic Year 2019-2020 as department chair.  The second topic is the compensation that you will receive for the performance of those roles and responsibilities for Academic Year 2019-2020.

Roles and Responsibilities of Department Chairs/Heads

After examining your feedback and following discussions with the Campus Senate, I have determined that the roles and responsibilities of department chairs and heads will remain unchanged for the coming academic year.  In the Fall, 2019 semester I will engage with department chairs and heads in conversation about what UIS should require of academic department leaders if it is going to achieve the ambitious mission and goals established in the Strategic Compass.  Following those discussions, the proposed roles and responsibilities will be shared with faculty for input and suggestion.  Revision of existing policy will be initiated if determined to be necessary and will follow appropriate system, contractual, and university policy.  Once finalized, the roles and responsibilities will be implemented for the next full academic year.

Compensation Plan for Department Chairs/Heads

Attached is a copy of the Compensation Plan for Chairs-Heads. In the Fall, 2019 semester I will engage with deans, department chairs and heads in conversation about how best to compensate academic department leaders at UIS in the future.  Following those discussions, the compensation plan will be shared with faculty for input and suggestion.

The attached Compensation Plan will guide practice for Academic Year 2019-2020.

After examining your feedback to the original compensation proposal, the following changes have been incorporated into the current Compensation Plan:

  1. Deans have the discretion to award one additional NIA to departments based on criteria specified in Article 9, Section 6, B. of the Faculty Personnel Policy.
  2. Deans have the discretion of awarding up to 1/9th of the individual’s base salary as the Chair’s Summer Stipend depending on the nature of the work plan and the time needed to complete the work.
  3. Academic Year Stipends (discussed as a feature of the original proposal) may, if warranted, be negotiated between individual chairs and deans dependent upon institutional budgetary conditions.
  4. Language was added indicating that chair compensation packages are subject to annual review at the time of appointment.

Please consult your Dean if you have additional questions or concerns about the attached Compensation Plan for Department Chairs/Heads.  At this time, there are no changes to the compensation provided to department heads for Academic Year 2019-2020.

Provost Dennis R. Papini

The linked Proposed Roles and Responsibilities for Department Chairs-Heads and Proposed Compensation for Department Chairs-Heads documents were shared at April 24 and April 25, 2019 forums for department chairs/heads, and feedback was invited.

rev 6.20.19