The Division of Academic Affairs is committed to ensuring students receive a Premier Educational Experience at UIS. The following general goals (bold font), together with bulleted action goals, have been developed in support of this priority:

General Goals:

Promote high performance in an increasingly diverse faculty of teaching, scholarship, and service through professional development programming

  • Create Faculty Development Resource Office
  • Increase the diversity of the community of teacher-scholars at UIS
  • Create a culture that values innovation and creativity in teaching and learning

Support development of visionary curriculum

  • Maintain institutional accreditation (HLC) by incorporating HLC best practices and engaging in continuous improvement efforts
  • Maintain current external accreditations and increase the number of academic programs that are externally accredited, as appropriate
  • Support a comprehensive effort to reconceptualize general education for the 21st century
  • Facilitate the development of new and revitalized academic programs

Develop infrastructure and physical facilities to support teaching and learning, scholarship, and service

  • Invest in Teaching & Learning Labs that will help drive innovation in teaching and learning, create opportunities for student and faculty scholarship and creative activity, and facilitate meaningful outreach and civic engagement
  • Explore intellectual synergies through academic reorganization
  • Critically evaluate the potential for implementing a delivery system for continuing and professional education
  • Align academic policies with practices needed to achieve the UIS Mission

Goals Unique to the Provost:

  • Maintain commitment to appropriate shared governance relationships with Campus Senate
    • Work collaboratively to establish academic policies that are aligned with the Mission
  • Engage in mutual interest-based problem solving with UPI
    • Engage constructively with UPI to address the negotiation of terms and conditions of employment
    • Provide annual training or issue-related interactions that promote the development of interest-based problem solving among faculty and administrators

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