Dennis Papini head-and-shoulders business attire photo

Dennis Papini

Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Provost (VCAA)

Dr. Papini serves as the chief academic officer for the university. The Vice Chancellor and Provost oversees academic policy and priorities, ensures the quality of the faculty and student body, and helps to maintain educational excellence.

PAC 530 / MS PAC 525
Phone: 217-206-6614
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Shawn Boyne

Associate Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Education (AVCUE)

The AVCUE serves as a line officer intermediate between the College Deans and the VCAA in areas of designated responsibility, including oversight of undergraduate education, undergraduate academic success and advising, assessment and accreditation, and institutional effectiveness.

PAC 506/ MS PAC 525
Phone: 217-206-6003
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Cecilia Cornell head-and-shoulders business attire photo

Cecilia Cornell

Associate Vice Chancellor for Graduate Education (AVCGE)

The AVCGE serves as a line officer, intermediate between the College Deans and the VCAA in areas of designated responsibility, including oversight of graduate education.

PAC 529 / MS PAC 525
Phone: 217-206-7230
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Lucia Vazquez head-and-shoulders business attire photo

Lucia Vazquez

Associate Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation (AVCRI)

The AVCRI serves as a line offer intermediate between the College Deans and the VCAA in areas of designated responsibility, including oversight of student and faculty research support, sponsored programs, and innovation initiatives.

PAC 515 / MS PAC 525
Phone: 217-206-8112
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Matt Abrell

Office Administrator / Faculty Files Custodian
PAC 531 / MS PAC 525
Phone: 217-206-7408
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Note: Please send confidential faculty personnel review memos and documents via the PEAR (Protected Email Attachment Repository) system:

Bill Bloemer

Research Professor
PAC 516 / MS PAC 525

Kimberly Craig

Director of Academic Initiatives
PAC 510 / MS PAC 525
Phone: 217-206-6245
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Kimberly Craig head-and-shoulders business attire photo

Nick Dabbs

Program Coordinator / Research Administration
PAC 520 / MS PAC 525
Phone: 217-206-8578
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Nick Dabbs head-and-shoulders photo

Laura Dorman

Director of Institutional Research
PAC 508 / MS PAC 525
Phone: 217-206-6005
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Ya Gao

Senior Data Analyst / Institutional Effectiveness
PAC 516 / MS PAC 525
Phone: 217-206-8088
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Ya Gao head-and-shoulders photo

Jackie Gillock

Associate Director of Budget & Financial Analysis
PAC 514 / MS PAC 525
Phone: 217-206-6077
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Jackie Gillock head-and-shoulders photo

Bob Jones

Statistician Specialist / Institutional Research
PAC 533 / MS PAC 525
Phone: 217-206-6044
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Bob Jones head-and-shoulders photo

Monica Kroft

Administrative Assistant to the Provost
PAC 528 / MS PAC 525
Phone: 217-206-6614
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Monica Kroft head-and-shoulders business attire photo

Brian Moore

Program Coordinator - Graduate Education / Graduate Assistantship Office
PAC 519 / MS PAC 525
Phone: 217-206-6544
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Brian Moore head-and-shoulders photo

Steve Moore

Business/Administrative Associate / Faculty HR
PAC 540 / MS PAC 525
Phone: 217-206-7406
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Sara Powell

Office Administrator / Campus Senate Office
PAC 383 / MS PAC 383
Phone: 217-206-6664
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Sara Powell head-and-shoulders business attire photo

Linda Schneider

Office Administrator / Academic Integrity Contact
PAC 529 / MS PAC 525
Phone: 217-206-6540
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Note: Please send Academic Integrity confidential messages via the PEAR (Protected Email Attachment Repository) system

Linda Schneider head-and-shoulders photo

Natalie Taylor

Assistant Provost / Faculty HR
PAC 538 / MS PAC 525
Phone: 217-206-6616
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Natalie Taylor head-and-shoulders photo

Jim Ermatinger

Faculty Fellow
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Kat Novak

Faculty Fellow
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Kat Novak head-and-shoulders business attire photo

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