UIS routinely seeks competent, qualified professionals to teach on a per-course (adjunct) basis. Departments may send forward requests to hire, or requests to add to the adjunct pool for future use, those individuals who not only possess outstanding credentials and experience in their fields, but also have the desire to share their expertise with our students.

Department Chairs/Heads should complete and sign the linked Adjunct Hire Request template, after consultation with Department faculty, and route to Dean and Provost for approval. Candidate CV and unofficial transcript must be attached.

If a Department seeks to hire an adjunct to teach courses other than those listed on the original Adjunct Hire Request, an additional request must be sent forward to document his/her qualifications for the specified course(s).

An Oral English Proficiency (OEP) pre-employment form will be initiated by the Faculty Files Custodian for approved adjunct requests, unless the college has already completed an OEP form for the individual. Each college for whom an individual may be teaching must complete an OEP form.