Faculty Application and Portfolio Guidelines

Find information about promotion, pre-promotion, tenure, and reappointment application and portfolio submission

Course Evaluation Resources

Faculty Files Office

The Faculty Files Custodian maintains digital personnel files and grants faculty unlimited preview access to their (digital) files. The Faculty Files Office houses official faculty personnel files, which are used to reach decisions on promotion, tenure, and retention. The Faculty Files Custodian is responsible for maintaining and safeguarding faculty personnel files, and for granting access to authorized individuals charged with reviewing files under the terms of the Faculty Personnel Policy.

Looking to hire new faculty?

You can find information about hiring new full-time or adjunct faculty on the Faculty Search & Position Requests page.

Looking for Full-time or Adjunct Faculty opportunities at UIS?

Check the UIS job board for faculty postings..

The adjunct opportunities page features FAQ about per-course teaching opportunities and links to apply to UIS departments and schools.

Faculty Introductions

Each year UIS announces new faculty members and shares information about them. Our new faculty introductions page shows new faculty through the years.

Faculty Personnel Policy Resources

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